Destination Weddings

“I love you more than there are grains of sand on the beach, fish in the sea, waves in the ocean.”

Desitnation Wedding Info

Why have a destination wedding or elopement?

Nowadays, many couples opt to forgo the traditional and often extravagant and expensive weddings in favor of a more intimate gathering at a destination they love. Destination wedding and elopements allow cou[les to extend their celebration form four hours to four days (or however long you see fit), while creating a lifetime of memories with their close friends and family.

Do I need to give you a shot list?

When you have your consult and book me as your wedding photographer I send you questionnaires to get a better grasp of exactly what you are wanting. I LOVE detail shots and couple shots which is why destination and elopement weddings are my favorites types. It gives me more time to connect with my couple while getting all the fun details and candid shots. The only list I have officially is a family list which I like to know names ahead of time for so its easier to get through those hassle free! All this is covered in the contract, consult and the questionnaires I send you.

Is travel included with your pricing? 

No, it is not but every wedding is different so I base this on the amount of coverage, where it is taking place, if it is just me, or me and an assistant and a few other variables. All of these are covered before you book though so there are no surprises.

We wish we could meet you, but we don't live in Colorado Springs, how do we know you are a good fit?

The majority of my couples don't have the pleasure of meeting me in person and so in that instance I love to meet and chat over skype, facetime or zoom! Any or all of these work. I want my clients to feel like they know me and have a good sense of how I work before I show up to their wedding!

What is the turnaround time for our wedding and when can we expect our photos?

Because I take the time to go through edit and make sure all the photos are exactly how they need to be, completion takes about 4-6 weeks and at that time your online gallery will be made available for you, your family and friends to see.

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