How do I contact you?
Just give us a call at 719-645-9429 or email us at:

Where are you located?
Our Colorado Springs studio is located at 4742 Bunchberry Lane Colorado Springs, CO 80917. By appointment only. 

What are your hours?
Mandy Penn Photography is open Monday-Friday from 8-3, however Session times may fall outside of studio hours and vary depending on studio, home or outdoor sessions.

Do you have a minimum amount of hours or fee that you charge?
 I do not…all of my services can be customizable to fit most budgets. I have base prices and a lot of options as far as payments go.

Do you require a monetary deposit to secure your photography services?
My deposits depend on the type of session we will be doing, normally I require a minimum or $50 to book your session date.

How do you deliver the final photos to your client?
Do you charge extra for thumb drives or DVDs? I will send you a personal gallery of your images once they have been edited. You receive all the images that I take (within reason- please see contract for more information)

Do you provide both RAW and JPG photos to the client?

RAW images are not provided, just high res jpeg images. RAW Images are available for purchase at the rate of $100 an image.

Do you charge extra for photo editing, or is that included in your price?
My time for everything is up front and is included in the price of the session.

Will you need a photo assistant or extra gear for the shoot?
If so, will you charge an extra fee? For weddings, I offer the option of a second photographer. If you re in need of a second photographer, the price is a set price and will be discussed further at the wedding consultation.

Will you charge extra for travel time or parking expenses?
Travel and parking are all included in my fees. I do not charge extra for travel up to 100 miles round trip, but after that it is .25 a mile.

How long after the photo shoot will you deliver the final photos?
I always error on the side of 5-7 days for a portrait session, 3-4 weeks for weddings. As well as receiving the photos I do a personalized blog about the session and how much fun we had. I send out the pictures the same day as the blog goes out.

What do I wear for my session?
We will set up a call to discuss this in detail before your shoot so there are no surprises and you are fully prepared. A style guide can be given upon request as well. 


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