Photography FAQ 

I'm here to answer your questions

As a photographer in Colorado Springs, I am passionate about capturing life’s best moments. Whether it’s a gentle smile of a newborn or someone getting down on one knee to ask the love of their life to marry them, I believe those moments are worth holding onto. I have partnered with individuals and families across Colorado to ensure that their memories are preserved forever. During my years of experience, I have gladly answered a variety of questions about what hiring me as your photographer will look like. While I work hard to provide a personalized and experienced-based approach to every photography session I do, I have gathered some of my most asked questions and answered them here. 

Capturing Memories Worth Holding Onto | Mandy Penn Photography 

As a professional photographer I take a unique approach to capturing memories. All of my photography sessions are experience-based which means that I don’t take a formulaic approach to photographing moments. Instead, I will ensure that every smile is genuine and every pose isn’t staged. My goal is to ensure that the photos you hang up in your home are authentic memories. Want to schedule a photography experience with me? Or maybe one of your questions wasn’t answered above? Contact me today, I look forward to hearing from you!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

If you're ready to schedule your one-of-a-kind photography session, give me a call at 719-645-9429 or email me at: I look forward to hearing from you! 

Where is Mandy Penn Photography located? 

My Colorado Springs photography studio is located at 4741 N Carefree Circle  Colorado Springs, CO 80917. I also gladly serve individuals and families throughout Colorado. 

What does your average client spend on a photography session with you?

My average client will spend on average $1,800 on a photography session. For additional pricing information please schedule your consultation or visit here.

What are your hours?

Mandy Penn Photography is open Monday-Friday from 8-3, however session times may fall outside of studio hours and vary depending on studio, home or outdoor sessions to ensure the highest quality of photos

Do you offer payment plans?

I offer a variety of payment options for my clients. Contact me to find out more!

Do you require a deposit to secure your photography services?

I require a $300 session fee to book a session date.

How do you deliver the final photos to your client?

I will send you a digital personal gallery of your images once they have been edited. Prints are delivered 2-3 weeks from final payment.You will receive all the images that you order within a reasonable amount of time.

Do you provide both RAW and JPG photos to the client?

RAW images are not provided, however, I do offer a complimentary JPG with each image you buy. 

Do you charge extra for photo editing, or is that included in your price?

In order to ensure transparency, my prices are established up front. All of my prices include editing.

Do you charge an extra fee if a photo assistant or extra gear is needed for the shoot? 

For weddings, I offer the option of a second photographer. If you are in need of a second photographer, the price will be discussed further during the wedding consultation.

Will you charge extra for travel time or parking expenses?

Travel and parking are all included in my photography fees. I do not charge extra for travel up to 100 miles round trip, but after that it is 25 cents a mile.

What should I wear for my photography session?

We will set up a call to discuss this in detail before your shoot so there are no surprises and you are fully prepared. A style guide can be given upon request as well.