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I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, I’ve won the Best of Springs for 2019 and 2020, and I’m a member of PRIDE411! I’m a Certified Professional Photographer, and I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in Photography! If my business were made into a Friends episode it would be called: The One With Good Morning America. Yep! I was featured on Good Morning America’s website for my Friends themed newborn shoot! It was also published on POPSUGAR, Sad Panda, and more! 

I take photography seriously, but I’m actually a very fun and silly person! I’m obsessed with the show Friends, (in case you couldn’t tell from the whole Good Morning America thing) and I’m definitely a blend of Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel! Although, from the photo here you may also see I have a bit of Chandler in me! Could I BE any goofier? You may or may not (but definitely will) see some of that Friends influence in my studio! I’m a mom to twins and yes, they keep me on my toes! I’m married to a wonderfully supportive man who helps me pursue my dreams, and in my spare time I like to sip at vanilla chai, munch on sour patch kids (my favorite!), love on my dog Mara, and sing! 

I love getting creative and doing themed photo shoots, and whatever other awesome ideas you come up with! I know together we can make your entire photo experience amazing! Imagine having not only a stunning work of art to hang in your home, but also the memories behind each and every captured smile and sweet moment. You’ll walk away with art, and memories, to be treasured forever! 

I’ve been a professional photographer for several years! I know for a lot of people, photography begins as a hobby, but that’s not the case for me. I’ve actually been in the industry for a long time, but I was in FRONT of the camera, as a model! I loved modeling, but one day I had a truly awful experience at a modeling call and realized I didn’t ever want to model again. I was passionate about the industry of photos, though, and I knew I couldn’t leave it behind for good. I realized what I loved about it had nothing to do with modeling— it was about being part of creating an entire atmosphere that led to a beautiful finished product! That’s when I decided to get BEHIND the camera, and you can bet after my experience that I vowed to ensure every single person I photographed would have an AMAZING time. That’s why my number one priority is YOUR experience! I’ve catered every single aspect of my photo shoots to fit your needs, from the carefully designed and soothing studio to the creative themes we can develop together! Let’s be sure to have fun! I know that the finished product won’t be as beautiful and memorable as we both want if we don’t enjoy ourselves along the way! 

Always your friend,