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Click HERE for our 2022 Session Guide

For one weekend only, Santa is coming to town...the studio! 

Inspired by our own memories of Christmas, we wanted to create a unique Santa and Christmas experience for children and families.

Our goal is to provide an environment where your children can relax and make joyful memories with jolly ol' St. Nick. We removed long lines, glaring eyes, and that rushed feeling so you are guaranteed multiple images of happy kids and smiling faces. 

Each year we add a little something new to our sets and session plan to insure our returning clients are delighted by their experience. Even as your children age, you will find each visit captures the Magic of Santa! This year is no different. This year we have implicated the feel of a story book into our set and final images. They make for gorgeous art pieces and an amazing cherished family keepsake.

We start by gathering important information from you when you book your session. Each client provides details "ONLY SANTA WOULD KNOW" so the big man can bring them up during the session. Santa will ask how their dog "Jesse" is doing, he will ask about "Elfie" the elf on the shelf and he will even ask if they are enjoying the new "bike" (or whatever gift he brought them last year).

If you really want to take it to a new level drop off a gift that you know your child has recently asked for and Santa will pull it from his magical bag. Who doesn't want their child to have the memory of the "REAL SANTA" giving them a gift they just asked for!

If we've done our job correctly your children will talk about Santa for days. They will have memories that will last a lifetime. Let us help you give that moment to your children!

This is the moment you wished for when you were young, and now it can all be cherished forever! Once you schedule your time slot for the session, you will need to make sure to schedule your corresponding ordering/viewing appointment. ill schedule a time for you to look through the photos and choose your favorites, and there will even be specialty product options created to make the magic last forever.

The session fee is $300. This fee is a retainer and is non refundable and to hold your spot.

These are the moments worth remembering. Book your session NOW to reserve your exclusive spot for The Santa Claus Experience, coming November 11, 12 and 13!

Will you remember the magic? 

November 11, 12 & 13  2022

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