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As a newborn photographer in Colorado Springs, I am passionate about capturing life’s most precious memories. There is no better moment worth photographing than when your baby is just days old. With my newborn photography sessions, I will work with you and your baby to take the most adorable photos of your newest family member. 

With years of experience working with newborns, I have learned that the best time to photograph your baby is within the first two weeks of their precious life. From capturing their sleepy smiles and tiny toes, I strive to create one-of-a-kind images that capture the love you have for your baby. With newborn photos from Mandy Penn Photography, together we can create memories that you can hold on to forever!

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I believe in capturing memories to last a lifetime. My goal is to photograph real and genuine moments with your newborn. This means I don’t follow a formula when taking photos of your baby. I use minimal props and posing in my classic newborn sessions to create simple, authentic, and timeless photos for your family to cherish. With my experienced-based approach, I focus on capturing the tiniest details of your baby so you can enjoy your newborn photos for generations to come.




With newborn photography from Mandy Penn Photography, I make sure you get exactly what you want out of your newborn photos. I use a thorough questionnaire and consultation to ensure I capture the cutest photos of your baby. I am here to work with you throughout the entire process so your newborn photography session goes perfectly. My newborn photography process includes:

When you book your free newborn session consultation, we will set up a meeting to discuss what you imagine for your baby’s photoshoot. From styling, props, posing, and more, we will create a plan for your newborn photography session so you get exactly what you want out of your photos.

Once your newborn arrives, the perfect opportunity to take your baby’s photos is a week or two into their life. This is the best time to get the most adorable photos of your newborn. The session will be in my home studio in Colorado Springs and will last approximately two hours.


After your newborn photography session, I will send you a digital gallery of your images once they have been edited. You will receive all of the images that I capture within a reasonable timeframe. I also include a JPG with each image you buy so you can frame your newborn photos and share them digitally. 


newborn photos Q&A

I'm here to answer your questions

I have answered lots of questions over the years about what hiring me as a newborn photographer will look like. While I work to provide a personalized experience for every session, I have gathered answers to common questions that my clients ask before their newborn photography session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prep for a newborn photography session?

Before your newborn session, it is best to keep your baby awake before the photoshoot. A sleepy baby will be much easier to wrap, and their closed eyes and sleepy smiles make for the cutest photos!

How much do newborn sessions

Should I feed my baby before my newborn session?

A full baby is a happy baby! Before your newborn photography session, feed and burp your newborn so they have a full belly. This will make your baby tired and encourage them to sleep deeply, which is perfect for newborn photos.

Can my newborn photographs be themed?

What should my newborn wear during the photo session?

For your newborn session, a onesie is perfect to allow for easy changes into different swaddles, wraps, or props.

How can I contact you to schedule a newborn session?

My average client spends anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000 on a photography session. For additional information on pricing, please schedule a consultation or view investment information!

Yes! I also take themed newborn photographs. If you want more information on my themed newborn sessions, contact me for more information!

If you are ready to schedule your newborn session to capture life’s most beautiful moments, give me a call at 719-645-9429 or email me at You can also schedule a free consultation online! 


As a newborn photographer in Colorado Springs, I capture the cutest moments of your newborn. With my experience-based approach, I make sure to photograph even the tiniest details of your baby so you can cherish the memories of your newborn forever. I will work with you throughout the entire newborn photography process to ensure your newborn photos are exactly how you want them. My goal is to provide you with the most adorable newborn photos that you can hang up in your home, show your child as they grow older, and pass down to future generations. If you are ready to schedule a newborn photography session, or if you have questions about newborn photos, contact Mandy Penn Photography!